New Mexico Landowner Elk Hunting Regulations Explained

New Mexico is known as a must-hunt destination if you are in search of large bull elk. Public draws for non-residents are tough to get, but as a New Mexico landowner you have the opportunity to enjoy landowner elk permits as long as your property is eligible. There has been a lot of talk and some misunderstandings when it comes to the recent changes in the New Mexico Private Land Elk License Allocation, also known as the EPLUS system.

Three New Management Zones

The state is now divided into three elk management zones; primary, secondary, and special. The rules are different for landowners depending upon which management zone their ranch is located. Prior to April 1, 2019 there were only two management zones for elk in New Mexico; COER (Core Occupied Elk Range) and Outside the COER.

The Primary Management Zone (previously COER) is the area where elk management is most regulated and licenses are limited. The Special Management Zone is the area where private land elk permits are issued to landowners on a ranch by ranch basis. The Secondary Management Zone are the areas area within the state where no specific elk management goals are set and licenses are available to landowners in unlimited number.

Landowner Elk Authorizations

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish distributes private land elk authorizations to eligible landowners in the Primary and Special Management Zones through their EPLUS program. These authorizations can be used by the landowners or bartered, sold, or traded to hunters. In these cases the authorization can then used by a hunter to buy a private land elk license.

At Beaverhead Outdoors Ranch Group we are well versed in the new changes in New Mexico private landowner elk hunting regulations. We can assist you in identifying ranches for sale within the management zone that best suit your needs and budget. We will confirm private elk authorizations for your new potential ranch and help avoid unwanted surprises, ensuring maximum enjoyment of your new private hunting property.

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