The Buckhorn Ranch

The Buckhorn Ranch

The Buckhorn Ranch

Engle, NM 87901, USA

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+/-40,807 Acres (Deeded + Lease)


The Buckhorn Ranch is a 511-head allotment located in Southern New Mexico. The +/-1,120 deeded-acre and +/-39,687 leased-acre ranch is well watered with 6 working wells, piped drinkers, earth tanks and miles of buried, poly water lines.

Hunting is special on this ranch with the large presence of mule deer, antelope and a strong Oryx herd. This rare hunting opportunity is highly sought after and as a landowner you will be guaranteed an opportunity for the Oryx hunt on your private land.

The headquarters of the ranch features a 3 bedroom home which has been updated in recent years. A shop, barn and set of corrals creates a very operational headquarters. Views of the mountain range can be enjoyed from the front porch and the headquarters sits at a higher elevation which allows great views of the expansive ranch property.

As mentioned, the ranch is very well watered thanks to 6 strong wells and extensive water pipelines. There are piped drinkers throughout the ranch and earthen water tanks which hold water very well. Each of the wells have been maintained and pumps and tanks are all in good order.

The ranch is just under a one-hour drive to Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte lake which is New Mexico’s largest reservoir. The lake offers fantastic fishing opportunities as well as boating, water skiing and much more.

Additional Details

  • Animal Units: 511
  • Hunting: Mule Deer, Oryx
  • Pens: Yes
  • Corals: Yes
  • Chutes: Yes
  • Scales: Yes
  • Wells: 6
  • Drinkers: 13
  • Earth Tanks: 5
  • Perimeter Fenced: Yes
  • Pastures: 6