Ojo Caliente Cattle Ranch

Ojo Caliente Cattle Ranch

Ojo Caliente Cattle Ranch

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29412 Acres (deeded + lease)


The Ojo Caliente is a 300 head cow/calf yearlong cattle ranch on a 29,052± acre National Forest allotment anchored by a 360± acre deeded headquarters, home to 3 residences (mobile/manufactured), a large shop, barn, corrals and pens.

This is a highly productive, well-maintained legacy cattle ranch which has been in the portfolio of the current owner for more than 40 years. The ranch is home to extremely abundant feed, accessible terrain and a well designed and maintained water system utilizing miles of pipeline, above ground storage tanks and several large earthen tanks that typically hold water 9-12 months out of the year.


The ranch is located 19 miles north of Winston, New Mexico on State Road NM-52 and 60 miles south of Magdalena, NM in the San Mateo mountains and Cibola National Forest. The ranch headquarters sits at an elevation of 6,400 ft. and the property increases to 8,533 at it’s highest peak, with the majority of commonly grazed areas lying in the 6,800-7,500 ft. range. Average annual rainfall in the area is 13.93″.

Grazing and Terrain

Ojo Caliente is a 300 head, yearlong cow/calf National Forest grazing allotment. The ranch is divided into 5 pastures and one trap, with gathering pens strategically located throughout. The terrain is heavily grassed and also offers plenty of shade cover for the cattle to bed on hot days. Rolling terrain through most of the ranch gives the cattle easy access to feed and water. Blue grama, sideoats grama, drop pine, juniper, piñon, mountain mahogany and Ponderosa Pine make up the majority of grasses and trees common to the ranch.

Ranching Improvements

The headquarters holds a set of pipe-fenced gathering and shipping pens. The pens are well organized and maintained and are used for branding, sorting and shipping. A working scale, calving table and squeeze chute are also included. A large metal workshop creates space for tool, vehicle and equipment storage. A tack room and covered stall access is provided through the rear of the metal building. A highly productive well at the headquarters supplies domestic and livestock water to the entire ranch. The water is very shallow with and water is drawn from approximately 26 feet deep. A well-built and designed system pumps water through more than 9 miles of pipeline to tanks and drinkers throughout the ranch.

Residential Improvements

The ranch has three residences, each a mobile/manufactured home. The owners home is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with many customized upgrades. Hardwood floors, upgraded counters, cabinets and window coverings make the home very comfortable and beautiful. The mangers residence is a smaller 2 bedroom, 1 bath and the third home is an older, but functional 3 bedroom 2 bath home perfect for a hunters bunkhouse or extra ranch hand housing.