Seifert Deer & Elk Ranch

Seifert Deer & Elk Ranch

Seifert Deer & Elk Ranch

Lindrith, NM 87029, USA

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320 Acres



The Seifert Ranch is a 320-acre, Northern New Mexico hunting ranch near Lindrith, NM. Often referenced as the “Honeyhole”, the ranch is surrounded private by private lands on all sides and features an extraordinary population of game. Located in New Mexico’s GMU 5A, the ranch conveys 1 bull elk tag, 1 cow elk tag and 2 landowner deer tags. Due to the lack of public lands in GMU 5A, over-the-counter deer tags are not offered and landowner tags are the only way to secure an opportunity to hunt some of the state’s largest mule deer.

A highlight of the ranch is an 80-acre feed plot located at the lower elevation of the property. The plot has historically been tilled and seeded every few years and is brimming with feed. 3 piped drinkers, which draw water from well #1 are at the north end of the plot as well as a large earthen tank. A tree stand and one ground blind are strategically located on the perimeter of the plot. Two more earthen tanks are also developed within the tree’d portion of the property.

Large rock outcroppings, tree-covered mesas, lush grass fields and densely covered tree and brush areas create a diversity of terrain, offering many places for large game to take cover and forage for food.

Residential improvements include a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. The single-wide mobile home is meticulously cared for and features all of the amenities required for comfortable living. The home is offered fully furnished with all appliances.

Well #1 produces water for domestic and game drinkers. The water is very clean and the well extremely productive. The well pumps into a 500-gallon storage tank and is then delivered through a pressurized pump system. Well #2 is not currently not used but is very productive and ready for use at any time.

The home is powered through solar using an 8 panel system, with an 8 battery power bank and backup generator. The batteries store enough power to run the home at full capacity for up to 3 days before requiring recharge. All systems on this property have been meticulously maintained and operated. Everything on this ranch is in great working order and ready for immediate enjoyment.

Additional Details

  • Acres: 320
  • Hunting Permits: 1 Bull Elk, 1 Cow Elk, 2 Landowner Deer
  • Hunting Unit: GMU 5A
  • Nearest Town: Lindrith, NM
  • Wells: 2
  • Piped Game Drinkers: 3
  • Earthen Tanks: 2
  • Perimiter Fenced: Yes
  • Public Access: None
  • Topography: Trees, open pastures, mesas, rock outcroppings