Silver Canyon Ranch

Silver Canyon Ranch

Silver Canyon Ranch

New Mexico



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22,994 Acres (deeded + lease)


The ranch is located along I-25 between Albuquerque, NM and El Paso, TX. The headquarters are located approximately 35 miles North of Truth or Consequences and 40 miles South of Socorro.


  • Deeded Acres: 3,130 Acres +/-
  • BLM Acres: 12,803 Acres +/-
  • BOR: 5,182 Acres +/-
  • State: 1,308 Acres +/-
  • Exchange of Use: 487 Acres +/-
  • Uncontrolled: 84 Acres +/-
  • Total Acres 22,994 Acres +/-

Carrying Capacity
The ranch is capable of running around 150-200 head of cattle year round on a non-drought year.

The west side of the ranch is generally flat with a few hills. This area is dominated by black gramma on the slopes with side-oats gramma and drop seeds in the drainages. The east side of the ranch consists of small drainages and two main arroyos, Silver Canyon and Nogal Canyon. The vegetation in this part of the ranch consists of black grama and galleta on the slopes. The benches consist of bush muhly, drop seeds, three-awns, fluff grass, tarbush and creosote. Side-oats gramma, bluestem, mesquite, apache plume and skunk brush compromise the drainages. The drainages located on the ranch flow into the Rio Grande. Approximately four miles of the Rio Grande runs through the ranch.

The primary soils on the ranch consist of Millet-Sedillo complex, Nickel-Caliza very gravelly sandy loams and Nolam gravelly sandy loam.

Wildlife varies from small mammals and birds to reptiles, raptures, coyotes, deer and antelope.


Precipitation varies from 8 to 10 inches of moisture annually. During the monsoon months is generally when the greatest amount of precipitation occurs. The average annual temperature is around 60 degrees.

Elevation ranges from 4500 at river level to 5600 feet at hilltops.

The ranch consists of 11 pastures and a 1 trap which is located at the headquarters. Fencing consists of metal or wood posts with 4 to 5 strands of barbed wire. In the past the ranch had used the Savory grazing system and still includes the electric fences.

The ranch is primarily watered by wells. There are 6 wells on the ranch; two have electric pumps, 2 have windmills and two are currently not in use. There is a total of 21.65 miles of pipeline with 4 large storage tanks. The pipeline supplies a total of 32 watering. The ranch also includes 6 earthen dam tanks.

Silver Canyon Ranch contains 3 sets of working corrals and a catch pen located by the river. The headquarters contains a shop, barn, a large storage building and the house is approximately 2745 square feet.