The Greenwood Tract

The Greenwood Tract

The Greenwood Tract

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA


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10,974 acres


The Greenwood Tract is a 10,974 acre tract that lies 16 miles northwest of Cimarron, NM, please
refer to attached locations maps. The property is bounded by the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson
National Forest to the north and east, Philmont Scout Ranch to the south, the Elliot Barker State
Wildlife Area to the southeast and a Ranch owned by the Sandia Pueblo to the west. Ponil Creek
to the northeast and Greenwood Creek to the north are the boundaries with the National Forest.

The Greenwood Tract ranges in elevation from 7,635 ft. to 12,160.
Rugged heavily wooded steep terrain on the northeast flank of Baldy Mountain characterizes the
property. Timber types range from gamble oak-piñon-juniper, ponderosa, mixed conifer and
spruce-fir. Greenwood Creek is a perineal stream and Ponil Creek is perineal with the exception
of the driest years. Ponil Creek has only been dry in the lower reaches of the Greenwood Tract
twice in the last 18 years once in 2012 and this year 2018.